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Mortgage Calculators

Use these calculators before you buy to help get a better understanding of the right mortgage loan and what you can afford.

A few calculations now may save you thousands.

Buying a home can be complex and confusing. Knowing how much house you can afford, which loan is right for you, or how long your term should be can save you thousands. These calculators can help you get an idea of where you should start.

Calculator Features:

  • A variety of mortgage payment calculations.
  • Which loan is better for you.
  • Help to make term and milestone decisions.

Plug in variables to determine how much you will be paying monthly

This tool calculates your refinance mortgage closing costs for a given set of loan terms

This calculator matches the right mortgage loan to your situation

This tool calculates your mortgage closing costs for a given set of loan terms

This calculator uses your income to determine how much you should spend on a home

This calculator determines what your VA loan payments will be

Discover how much you can expect to borrow from a lender based on your current situation

This calculator determines what your FHA loan payments will be

Use this calculator to determine how you can reduce your mortgage insurance

Find out how much a down payment affects other variables like rate and monthly payments

A renting versus home buying calculator to find out which option is best for you

Find out how refinancing your home mortgage loan might benefit you

This tool calculates the additional monthly principal payment required to pay off a loan by a specific date

This tool calculates how many months it will take to pay off a loan by making extra payments

Find out if paying points on a loan works in your favor

Get the right term for your needs with this calculator

This tool calculates your monthly payment for an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) loan

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