NASB Mortgage Loan e-Statements

Here's how to access and sign up for your NASB mortgage loan e-Statements online.

Lending E-statements

Gain easy access your mortgage e-Statements with these simple instructions.

Step one - Click here or go to and click on "Login" from the top navigation and then select "Access Online Banking":

home page online banking

Step two - Log in or register:

 login online banking

Step three - After logging in, click on "Accounts" and then select "eStatements" (to view statements or to register to disclosure):


Step four - Click "I Agree" if you agree to the e-Statement Disclosure Consent and Authorization:

disclosure agreement

Step five - For "Delivery Elections", click "Next":

Delivery elections

Step six - The same page will appear again with option to click "Enroll." Click on this and then your e-Statement options will appear :


statement options