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Rate and Term Refinance

Whether you want a lower interest rate or to shorten the period on your term, NASB can help you get the Rate and Term Refinance you need.

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Key Features

Refinance at lower rates and reduce monthly payments

Shorten the loan term

Save on interest over the life of the loan

Pay off your house faster or lower your payments.

If your mortgage loan rate is higher than current rates, then you should consider a Rate and Term Refinance from NASB. You can lower your monthly payments, or reduce the term to pay off.

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  • 15-year and 30-year term options
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What Our Customers Say
Anne C., January 10, 2022
★★★★★ (5)

"My loan team was very knowledgeable of the process from start to finish and conveyed this knowledge in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step way. A shout out to my loan officer who was very patient and continued to answer all my questions until I was ready to commit to a refinance. We could not believe how quickly the process was completed and the funds were available in my account. I have already recommended NASB to a friend."

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