Banking Videos

These videos will assist you with setting up your NASB mobile banking app, deposit checks, as well as educate with our webinars and NASB Now videos.


Banking How-to Videos

Getting started with your NASB Mobile Banking app

Manage your account on the go from your mobile phone or tablet with the NASB Mobile Banking App. This video shows you how to get started.

Deposit checks on the go using the NASB app

This video shows how easy it is to deposit paper checks into your account digitally using your NASB mobile app. Safely, easily, and on your time!

NASB Banking Webinars

Financial Fitness and Avoiding Exploitation

In this webinar, Kim Lamaster and Jaylene Moss from NASB discuss maintaining financial fitness and how to avoid being a victim of exploitation.

Financial Awareness and Budgeting 

In this NASB webinar, Jaylene Moss and Paris Buyatt discusses why budgeting and financial awareness are important for controlling your savings future and attaining financial goals.

Digital Banking Tools

In this NASB webinar, Jaylene Moss and Paris Buyatt discuss the benefits, common misconceptions, and best practices for using digital banking tools.

NASB Now Videos

Learn the right way to invest in a Certificate of Deposit

Ken McCormick, NASB Vice President of Relationship Management at NASB, gives a thorough explanation of everything you need to know when it comes to investing in a Certificates of Deposit in this NASB Now video series. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Video 1 – What is a Certificate of Deposit?

  • What is a CD?
  • What are the advantages of CDs?
  • What are the disadvantages of CDs?

Video 2 – Best strategies for investing with a Certificate of Deposit

  • Have a goal for when it matures
  • Use as an alternative to the stock market
  • Weigh CD APY vs. savings account interest rate

Video 3 – What is a CD laddering strategy?

  • What is CD laddering?
  • CD laddering examples
  • Benefits of CD laddering

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Judith S., January 23, 2024
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"We have savings in many different banks, and NASB contacted us to suggest one of their higher-yield savings accounts. No other bank has ever done that for us and our accounts. Wonderful service above and beyond!"