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NASB knows that whether it's buying a new home or opening a certificate of deposit account, you may need a little help understanding the process. We've created these eBooks to help guide you to make better informed decisions.

eBook Features:

  • Easy to read and understand.
  • Read digitally or print out.
  • Free to download.
  • What to expect with home ownership
  • Preparing and creating a plan to get the most out of a mortgage loan
  • Making an offer and closing the deal
  • How to get started with a VA Loan
  • The basics of VA Loans and eligibility requirements
  • Applying and closing your VA loan
  • What is a certificate of deposit?
  • Best strategies for investing with a certificate of deposit
  • Advantages and disadvantages of certificate of deposit accounts
  • The step-by-step actions to get started earning great returns
  • Why your CPA and investment adviser may not be aware of these options
  • How self-directed IRAs function

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