Certificate of Deposit

A safe way to grow your money at a higher interest rate.

Key Features

Earn higher rates combined with a NASB checking account


No monthly service fee

Lock in your CD rate and watch your money grow.

Lock in a guaranteed rate for the term of a certificate of deposit with NASB and earn money safely over the entire term. NASB checking customers can earn higher interest rates on CD products based on the aggregate balances in NASB checking account(s) of which they are the primary or secondary account holder.1

Check rates

Local banking. National lending.

A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

Based on the most recent recent data from Better Business Bureau

Over $1.7 Billion in total deposits

Based on the most recent year-end financial data

Five Star rating from Bauer Financial

Based on the most recent quarter end data from Bauer Financial

Nationally competitive products. Individualized service.


1Primary relationship based on the aggregate daily balances in your NASB Checking account(s), on which you are the primary or secondary account holder. Money Market accounts are NOT eligible for Relationship Certificate of Deposit (CD) rates. Additional Relationship CD rate may vary daily based upon aggregate checking balances. Balances greater than $1,000,000 earn 0.10% APY.