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Mortgage Programs

These special mortgage programs offer loan opportunities to borrowers with special circumstances or needs, and present ways to reduce stress during the loan process.

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When getting the right mortgage loan requires a custom solution.

More choices mean better value. NASB is the first place people turn to for the right financial solution, and we want to make sure we have an answer for every situation when it comes to mortgage financing. That’s why we created our special Mortgage Programs. Whether you've had challenges getting approved for a loan in the past, want to make the home buying process easier, or need help to improve your financial situation, NASB's dedicated loan consultants can provide the guidance and service you need.

  • A head start on the buying journey.
  • Gain an advantage over other buyers.
  • The opportunity to close faster.
  • Locks in rate for 90 days.
  • If rate drops within 90 days you can get your rate lowered.2
  • Underwrite loan up front when combined with Home Buying Advantage.
  • Lock in rate for nine months.
  • If rate drops within nine months you can get your rate lowered.2
  • Available on conventional, FHA and VA loans
  • Competitive conforming fixed rates.
  • No first-time home buyer or maximum income restrictions.
  • Available for borrowers with a credit score of 700+.
  • No tax returns required
  • Borrow up to $1,000,000
  • Great option for self-employed borrowers
  • Less money down than the traditional 20%
  • Options for previous bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • We look at non-traditional income sources
  • Easier qualification: 580 minimum credit score.
  • No NASB lender fees1, plus a lender credit for closing cost assistance may be provided.
  • For qualifying property locations, benefits allowable for use with other loan programs.
  • Cash Assistance Loan
  • Non-Cash Assistance Loan
  • Available first-time home buyers and veterans

1NASB does not charge lender fees; however, fees payable to third party service providers are still required.

2The locked terms are based upon loan request details provided by the Applicant(s). RateSecure is available for conventional conforming, FHA and VA fixed-rate loans only. It is not available for non-conforming products. Once locked, Applicant(s) are protected from any subsequent changes in market interest rates. Increases in market interest rates will have no effect on your locked terms. If rates have declined, applicants may request a rate reduction within 3 days of signing a purchase agreement. The new rate will be the current market rate (par) based on the consumer’s existing credit & other underwriting criteria.

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"NASB always makes it easy and transparent to work with them. I know upfront what to expect - they're clear in their communication and keep their word. This was my third interaction with them and it's a fantastic experience working with the NASB team."