Commercial Loan Requirements

Get started with the commercial loan application process.


Start your project right with a commercial loan from NASB

The plans are drawn, you've done all the up-front work, and now it's time to apply for a commercial loan.

What Commercial Property Information Do We Need?

  1. Previous two years and Year-to-Date Income/Expense statement for the property (Operating Statement)
  2. Rent Roll, including square footage of units, expiration dates of tenant, and rental obligation amounts
  3. Copy of all leases (excluding multifamily properties)
  4. Property address and description, including age, construction type, and square footage
  5. Copy of purchase contract (if purchased)
  6. Photos if available

What Commercial Loan Borrower Information Do We Need?

  1. Personal finance statement (dated within three months)
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Previous two years' income statement
  4. Previous two years' tax returns
  5. Use of loan proceeds or purpose of loan

After you have assembled these items, reach out to a NASB Commerical Loan Officer to apply for your loan:

Jeff Wagner (Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer)
816-214-8116 | 

Jessica Stegman (Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer)
816-508-2165 |

Prasad A.
I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to you and your team at NASB for funding this loan. In spite of all of the delays and issues caused by sellers, you and your team have patiently stood by me with unwavering support, and helped me as much as possible to close this transaction. Thank you very much!