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Bridge Loan

A bridge loan from NASB can help with the short-term financing of your new home while you are selling your current one.

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Key Features

Allows you to buy new house before old one sells

Enables time-sensitive financial transactions

Access to equity before you sell

Use your current home's equity to pay for your new one.

Sometimes you find a new home to purchase before your current one sells. This is when a bridge loan, sometimes called a "swing loan," comes in handy when you do your home purchase with NASB. This short-term loan allows you to tap into the equity you've built up to have cash now for a down payment, moving expenses, or getting your home ready to sell.

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Bridge Loan Guidelines and Requirements

To qualify for a bridge loan, there are certain requirements and guidelines to consider:

  • $100,000 minimum loan amount
  • Only available with an approved NASB purchase transaction
  • Must be used in conjunction with a primary or secondary home purchase
  • Full appraisal required

Not available in Texas

Bridge Loan FAQs

A bridge loan allows you to access the equity in the home you currently live in, so you can make an offer on a new house with needing a sale contingency. Here's a blog that explains more about bridge loans.
The easiest way to think of how a bridge loan works is to provide you with the cash to pay off what you still owe on your current mortgage, plus a little more for a down payment on the new home. The loans are generally short-term.
  • It makes cash available, so you get the home you want without waiting to sell or needing a sale contingency.
  • It puts odds in your favor in a competitive market.
  • If you don’t have cash for a down payment.
  • Interest-only payments until your home is sold.
  • May have to pay for an appraisal, along with associated closing costs and fees.
  • Might own two homes with two mortgage payments for a while.
  • Higher interest rates than conventional loans.
  • Lenders usually require at least 20% home equity.
To qualify for a bridge loan, the loan amount must be at least $100,000, it must be used in conjunction with a primary or secondary home purchase, and a full appraisal is required. 

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