By Nick Alphs
Senior Vice President, Residential Lending (NMLS #407572)

Analyzing the Benefits: A Controller’s Journey from Renter to Homeowner

Oct 20, 2022

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Vector Services Controller Shane Smith and his wife Rachelle had spent years renting a duplex, but they finally reached a point where they wanted to stop making monthly rent payments to a landlord and instead start using those monthly payments to build up their own equity in a home. As first-time homebuyers, the process felt a little daunting, especially during the height of the buying frenzy, but NASB Sr. Loan Officer Jake Scarbo (NMLS# 1861924) helped educate him throughout the process, so Shane and Rachelle felt confident in their decisions.

Why did you decide to buy a house? 

We had rented a duplex for a few years but wanted to stop making monthly rent payments and instead start building equity with my monthly payments.

What were your biggest challenges in your journey to buy a home, and how did NASB help you overcome them? 

Understanding the process of buying a home, the details that go into a mortgage, and how to think strategically about the best option for me. In short: my biggest challenge was being completely new to a complicated process. NASB was instrumental in educating me throughout the process, advocating on my behalf in the negotiation stage, and going the extra mile when called upon to ensure that my mortgage went smoothly.

What was your favorite aspect of working with NASB?

I got a mortgage from a team of quality people that were well organized, informative, and showed impeccable customer service.

What was your favorite aspect of working with Jake Scarbo? 

Jake is a fantastic representative of NASB and a real salt of the earth person. Always available to talk through a situation, able to simplify the most complicated things, and a genuinely good person to have on my side. I am thrilled that NASB and Vector are partnering together to offer our employees an incredible opportunity. This partnership will benefit current and future Vector employees for years to come! 

Final Thoughts from Jake Scarbo- 

jake scarbo 472 xDenver is a highly competitive housing market, but we were able to leverage NASB’s Home Buying Advantage.* The Home Buying Advantage Program allows customers to have their loan reviewed through underwriting prior to putting in an offer on a home, which can make the offer more appealing to sellers.

For more information on how NASB can help you and/or your employees save money on a mortgage, reach out to Jake Scarbo, VP of Consumer Direct Sales (NMLS# 1861924) at

*Additional terms and conditions apply to the Home Buying Advantage program. Contact NASB for additional information.

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