By Matt Allen
Vice President, Portfolio Lending (NMLS #415037)

U.S. Air Force Veteran and Single Mother of Three Finds Happiness in Home Ownership

Nov 25, 2019

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As a busy single mother of three and a United States Air Force veteran, Letticia Kramer knew how to handle life’s challenges. But when she decided to become a home owner after years of renting, she was unprepared for the roadblocks she encountered in her quest to find a mortgage lender that could help her.

After several disappointing experiences, Letticia worked with experienced NASB loan officer Todd Kangas, NMLS#942252, to get a VA mortgage and finally realize her dream of owning her own home for her family. Letticia shared her experience with NASB to help other parents better navigate the mortgage process.  

What first prompted you to become a home owner?

I was prompted to buy a home for my kids after moving around for years because of ridiculous rent increases. I went online to find a lender, but two of my pre-approvals with other lenders fell through after they’d said everything was good. Then at the last minute, they could only approve me for half of what I’d applied for. I decided to go with NASB because I felt they were honest, upfront and didn’t hassle me. 

What challenges did you face as a first-time home buyer?

Because of the long process, the house I wanted went back on the market, and I felt like all hope was lost. I’m glad I didn’t give up after that initial let down. The home buying process was super challenging--basically a nightmare at first. I had six different lenders that I got pre-approvals from. Several of the lenders wanted to charge thousands of dollars in lender’s fees along with rather high interest rates.

"Owning my own home means freedom to do what I want with my place and not worry about property managers or yearly rent increases."

As a single mother and United States Air Force Veteran with three kids (one with autism), I needed a lender that was willing to be more helpful and provide a loan with less out-of-pocket costs. Todd worked with me to get the payment and interest rate right where I needed them to be. 

What does owning a home mean to you and your family?

Owning my own home means freedom to do what I want with my place and not worry about property managers or yearly rent increases. 

What advice would you give to fellow veterans and single parents about buying a home?

Don’t give up on what you want. I wanted this home more than anything, and I was determined to make this house mine. I had to fight to get what I wanted and go through being turned down over and over by other lenders. I can now say after all the fight it was worth it to find the right lender, and now my kids and I have a place to call home. No more moving for me and my little family. This makes me very happy!

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