Get Started with the Commercial Loan Application Process

To apply for a NASB Commercial Loan, please first contact us to discuss your financing needs & goals:


Jeff Wagner (Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer)
816-214-8116 |

Michael Braman (Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer)
816-316-4034 |

Liza Kemna (Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer)

What Commercial Property Information Do We Need?

  1. Previous 2 years and YTD Income/Expense statement
  2. Rent Roll/Lease Summary including square footage of units
  3. Copies of leases
  4. Property address and description, including: age, construction type and square footage
  5. Copy of purchase contract (if purchase)
  6. Photos if available


What Commercial Loan Borrower Information Do We Need?

  1. Personal finance statement (dated within 3 months)
  2. Previous 2 years tax return
  3. Use of loan proceeds


Additional information will be accepted and may be required. Any unusual or non-recurring situations should be addressed. Brokers are protected and welcome to submit packages for review.