Commercial Loan General Terms and Pricing

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NASB aims to make your commercial real estate loan experience smooth and efficient. In order to provide general guidelines and parameters for the products offered, the following information may prove useful.

General Terms and Pricing

Amount - Up to $15,000,000

Interest Rate - Fixed or Adjustable interest rates, or spread over the Wall Street Journal Rate or corresponding U.S. Treasury Bill, to be determined based upon individual project and risk profile

Rate Lock - Locked at commitment

Term - Five to 10 years

Amortization - Five to 20 years; 25 years may be available for newer properties, specific property types, or longer leases

Loan-to-Value - Up to 85% of appraised value; Credit tenant properties may qualify for higher LTV

Application Fee - None

Asset Types - Multifamily, Single Tenant/Credit Tenant, Multi-Tenant Retail with National Tenants, Quick Serve Restaurants/Casual Dining with long term corporate leases, or other property types on a case by case basis. NASB also provides construction lending for build-to-suit projects with executed qualifying leases

Debt Coverage - 1.25 times based on stabilized net operating income, with exceptions subject to lender’s approval

Prepayment - No lockout; Fee is typically from 1% to 3% depending on rate and term

Operating Reserves - Typically none except for Multi-family properties; determined on individual project or loan structure basis

Security - First lien position and lease assignment. NASB may consider other collateral in some instances, subject to lender’s approval

Recourse - Typically full recourse. Properties with credit tenants or low LTV may qualify for reduced or non-recourse

Subordinate Debt - Allowed with Lender’s approval

Standard Provisions - Third party reports (appraisal, survey, etc.); Escrows for taxes and insurance; Minimum occupancy requirements; Annual financial reporting on property operations, borrowers, and guarantors

Assumption - Subject to lender’s consent and payment of assumption fee

Underwriting - Underwriting decisions made within 48 hours of submission of complete package

Closing - 60-day allowance; Average closing with the submission of all third-party reports and appropriate documentation is 35 Days.

Personal Financial Statement


Prasad A.
I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to you and your team at NASB for funding this loan. In spite of all of the delays and issues caused by sellers, you and your team have patiently stood by me with unwavering support, and helped me as much as possible to close this transaction. Thank you very much!