Our NASB Now video series features expert advice on everything from buying your first home to finding the right savings account.

Watch and learn with the NASB Now video series.

We've taken the topics that resonate the most with our customers and have created a video series that helps answer questions and provide guidance for making financial decisions. Watch for new NASB Now videos and let us know if you have any topics you would like to have featured.

Video Features:

  • Short playback times and easy to understand.
  • Topics that impact your financial decisions.
  • Broken down into sub-topics on each subject.
  • Video 1 – How to prepare for a loan application
  • Video 2 – Choosing the right loan
  • Video 3 – Finding the house and closing the deal
  • Video 1 – What is a Certificate of Deposit?
  • Video 2 – Best strategies for investing with a Certificate of Deposit
  • Video 3 – What is a CD laddering strategy?