RateSecure™ Program

With RateSecure™, you can lock into the current low rate for 90 days while you look for your dream home!

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Key Features

Locks in rate for 90 days

If rate drops within 90 days you can get your rate lowered*

Underwrite loan up front when combined with Home Buying Advantage

Lock in a low rate for 90 days with RateSecure

One of the biggest challenges of home buying is playing the rate game. Do I lock in now, or wait to see if rates go down? With NASB's RateSecure, you can lock in a low Conventional Conforming, FHA or VA loan with a fixed rate for up to 90 days.1

If rates go up before you find the home of your dreams, you’re protected. But, if you have recently signed a contract on your home and rates go down, request a rate adjustment with your loan officer and your rate drops*. How's that for a win-win?

RateSecure is combined with our Home Buying Advantage program, where we will fully credit underwrite your loan up front – this way, your loan is nearly complete as soon as you find "the one!" With RateSecure and Home Buying Advantage, you have the peace of mind to know that with NASB, your dreams are secure!

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1The locked terms are based upon loan request details provided by the Applicant(s). RateSecure is available for conventional conforming, FHA and VA fixed-rate loans only. It is not available for non-conforming products. Once locked, Applicant(s) are protected from any subsequent changes in market interest rates. Increases in market interest rates will have no effect on your locked terms. If rates have declined, applicants may request a rate reduction within 3 days of signing a purchase agreement. The new rate will be the current market rate (par) based on the consumer’s existing credit & other underwriting criteria.