VA Approved Lender

VA Approved Lending, the NASB Difference

Like many VA approved lenders, NASB is proud to help our nation’s veterans and active duty personnel in servicing their VA home loan. Yet we feel that being another option isn’t enough – we want to be the go-to VA approved lender for you and your family. So, how exactly do we go about achieving this goal? 



We take pride in our customer service. In 2017, we were named a Top VA Lender! Whether your purchasing your first home, or refinancing a current mortgage, NASB holds all of our customer service representatives to a high standard - especially when working with our veterans and Active Duty military members looking to use their VA home loan. Though we can't guarantee VA home loan approval, we will work diligently to find the help you navigate the VA loan program, and fine a solution for you.


Other mortgage lenders will tack on these high-cost fees at closing. On average, these equal about 1% of the total mortgage value. What you owe at closing could be staggering when you factor these fees to the upfront mortgage insurance and potential down payment. We’d prefer your eyes stay put, so we’ve eliminated these costs for you.  Competitive VA home loan interest rates are a big factor in how we stay above the fray. There are several factors that go into determining final interest rates, and they’re all dependent on the information you provide during the application process. While that’s consistent with any VA approved lender, our drive to compete for the best interest rates available is tough to beat.


Your next step? Contact us to get started! As a VA loan lender, we hold ourselves to the highest practices of accountability in every aspect of our bank. Our quality is tough to beat, and our status as a VA approved lender is something we tout with great pride.

*NASB does not charge lender fees on VA loans; however, fees payable to third party service providers are still required. 

VA-Approved Lenders are here to:


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(Based on 708 customer surveys as of 09/10/17)


  • Guide you through the pre-qualification proces
  • Help you obtain relevant paperwork
  • Inform you of your VA mortgage loan benefits
  • Lock in the lowest rate available to you and identify your purchase price
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities and loan limits
  • Make known all the relevant fees and costs
  • Provide clear communication about the application process
  • Help understand credit score requirements. Even if you have bad credit, we may be able to find a solution for you
  • Make the VA loan process as efficient and thorough as possible. NASB offers in-house underwriting for faster closing times.

Check your Eligibility

To qualify for VA-backed home loans, one must meet the following requirements for approval:

  • The VA requires you’ve served 90 consecutive days of active service during wartime
  • The VA requires you have 6+ years of service in the National Guard or Reservists, or a combination of the two
  • The VA requires you’ve served 181 days of active service during peacetime
  • The VA requires you are the spouse of a service member who has died in the line of duty or as a result of a service-related disability


Save Time & Money
with NASB

  1. No Origination Fees
  2. No Lender Fees*
  3. No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  4. $0 Down Payment
  5. In-House Processing for
    Faster Closes

*NASB does not charge lender fees on VA loans; however, fees payable to third party service providers are still required. 

Servicing VA Loans for Veterans

As an approved lender for VA Loans, North American Savings Bank proudly loans to veterans and active military while adhering to a very high standard of mortgage lending. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides helpful information for both borrowers, homebuyers, and lenders that help guide the path to homeownership. NASB has serviced thousands of VA-guaranteed loans for veterans and proudly holds thousands of positive reviews from service-connected borrowers. 

VA Loan Benefits

A VA loan enables the service member borrower to purchase a home with a competitive interest rate, low or no down payment and no private mortgage insurance.  Regardless if you're an experienced home owner or a first time home buyer, NASB will help you accumulate the required paperwork to see if you're eligible.  Visit our pre-qualification page to learn more about how to pre-qualify for a VA loan

Mortgage Terms to Know

  • Appraisal - An estimate of the value of property, made by a qualified professional called an "appraiser." Almost all home loans done today will require some sort of appraisal.

  • Debt-to-income - DTI is the ratio, expressed as a percentage, which results when a borrower's monthly payment obligations are divided by his or her gross monthly income.

  • FHA Loans - The Federal Housing Administration is a division of the Department of Housing and Urban Development whose role is to insure residential mortgage and to set underwriting standards for lenders. An FHA loan is one that meets these standards.

  • Conventional Loans - A home mortgage that meets or "conforms" to published guidelines set by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

  • Credit Report - A report documenting the credit history and credit score of a borrower's standing, detailing a borrower's credit history including payment history on revolving accounts (credit cards) and installment accounts. A credit report also includes information found from public records including tax liens and judgments.