Online Banking Security

North American Savings Bank’s online banking security protects you in multiple ways:

  • Security at the Bank
  • Security at Your computer
  • Enhanced Login Security

Security at the Bank
At North American Savings Bank, we employ the latest security tools to protect your data on all of our computers, including those used to support Internet Banking and Bill Payment. With the use of firewalls and advanced security software, you can be confident that your information is fully protected.

Security at your computer
Wherever you choose to do your online banking, make sure no one else has access to the computer without your permission. Never store your customer number or password on your computer. Passwords should be carefully selected. Avoid using the names of your children, pets, or other easily obtained information.

Enhanced Login Security
Enhanced Login Security is a multi-layered security tool for our Internet Banking and Bill Payment system that will protect you, as well as North American Savings Bank, from fraudulent transactions. Federal legislation has mandated the implementation of these enhanced security features by all financial institutions.

With Enhanced Login Security your computer information is combined with your user ID and password to form your online identity profile. This new security will monitor the normal activity trends within your account. If you log in to Internet Banking and Bill Payment from the same computer on a regular basis, then log in from a different computer while traveling or at work, you'll notice the additional security measures in place. With enhanced login security activated, you can bank online in complete confidence knowing your financial information is protected.

Enhanced Login Security will ask validation questions to people logging in to your account from unrecognized computers. If a computer is unrecognized, the user will be prompted with validation questions. This will provide you additional protection from fraud and identify theft.

For more information on Enhanced Login Security, read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Personal Security Key and Security Questions
The personal security key and security questions help protect you in two ways:
     1. We can verify your identity
     2. You can verify that you are on our site

Personal Security Questions
When you activate Internet Banking, you will be asked to provide answers to three security questions (choose from pre-written questions or create your own), so that any time you log in from a computer that you haven't asked us to remember, we can make sure it's really you trying to log into Internet Banking.

Personal Security Key
We also ask you to create a personal security key, which is a phrase you create and is used to help NASB Internet Banking as a legitmate site. Every time you log in to Internet Banking, your security key will be displayed on the top of every page.