How to Access the New NASB e-Statements

Here's how to access your new NASB bank e-Statements online.


Welcome to NASB's New e-Statements!

Starting November 19th, NASB's e-Statement platform will be updated to make viewing your current bank eStatements easier and more convenient. Here are the steps you take to access your new e-Statements, whether you are a current or new customer of NASB.

If you are a current customer of NASB with an existing e-Statements agreement:

  • You do not need to re-enroll for e-Statements.
  • You will continue to be able to access and download the previous 12 months of archived statements.
  • You will begin receiving a convenient notification email anytime a new statement is available.

Step one - Sign into your NASB account and go to the Accounts Summary page, that shows the new e-Statements tab:

estatement 1

Step two - Navigate to the e-Statements tab, showing View Statement links:

estatments 2

Step three - "View Statement" pop-up will appear, showing "View PDF" link:

estatement 3

Step four - Once clicked, customer's eStatement pdf will appear:

estatement 4

If you are a new customer of NASB:

Step one- Sign into your NASB account and go to the Accounts Summary page, that shows the new e-Statements tab:

new estatement 1

Step two - After clicking on e-Statements tab, you will be shown our Disclosure Agreement that you can click "I AGREE" on the bottom after reviewing and agreeing to terms:

new estatement 2

Step three - This page will now allow you to click "ENROLL" to to confirm delivery elections. 
Note: The ability to choose a combination of both electronic and paper statements is not available at this time. This section is "grayed out" and you are not able to change selections unless you contact deposit services to change from electronic statements to paper. 

new estatement 4

Step four - You now have the option to choose to click the "View Statement" link

new estatement 5

Step five - Message will initially be "No Statements Found", but you will receive an email notification once a new statement is ready to view.

new estatement 6