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If you don't fit inside standard loan guidelines, you may want to consider a FLEX loan from NASB that looks at your unique financial situation.

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Key Features

Less money down compared to the traditional 20%

Options for previous bankruptcy or foreclosure

Use of non-traditional income sources

Not all borrowers are the same.

We say YES when others say NO. Our FLEX loan looks at each borrower's unique situation, combining common sense underwriting with our flexible NASB guidelines, to help more customers achieve their financial goals. We count virtually any assets you might hold, like a trust or retirement account, as income when qualifying you for a loan. If you are self-employed and fit within standard loan guidelines, our FLEX program can help borrowers finance their dream home.

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Our FLEX loan offers you greater flexibility when looking for a home loan by offering:

  • Less money down compared to the traditional 20%.
  • Shorter waiting periods on a previous bankruptcy or foreclosure.
  • Use of non-traditional income sources. We’ll consider income associated with trusts, retirement accounts and other non-traditional sources.
  • Easier documentation for non-traditional income.

FLEX Loan Guidelines and Requirements

  • Maximum loan amount is $726,200, minimum is $175,000*
  • 10% down payment
  • A maximum debt-to-income ratio of 48%
  • Three-year seasoning required on bankruptcy, six years on short sale or foreclosure 
  • Get the most up-to-date rates available
  • For purchase or refinance, all loan types
  • Different rate and term options presented
  • A variety of mortgage payment calculations
  • Learn which loan is better for you
  • Help to make term and loan type decisions

Video - How to Get a Home Loan if You're Self-Employed

Watch this video to find out the two ways you can get a mortgage loan if you're self-employed without W2s or pay stubs.

What Our Customers Say
Sherri S., March 18, 2022
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"My loan officer was amazing and did everything he could to help me with my home purchase. There were extenuating circumstances that he went above and beyond to help me with."

90 Net Promoter Score

Based on closed loan customer surveys from 6/1/2022 to 5/30/2023

$30 Billion in home loans

In the last decade based on lender data

100,000 home loan customers since 2010

Based on lender data

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*Minimum loan amount of $175,000 required to apply. Exceptions include mortgage products for properties located within the Greater Kansas City metro and surrounding areas. Contact a NASB Loan Officer for more details on the specific areas and/or zip codes excluded.