Refinance From a VA to a Conventional Loan

Refinancing from a VA loan to conventional loan may allow you to purchase real estate property or get better terms.


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Discover more mortgage options when you refinance your VA loan to a conventional loan.

VA loans are a great option for those in the military service who want to purchase a home. But there are times you may want to refinance from your VA loan to a conventional loan. Here are three of those opportunities:

  1. Refinance to obtain rental property. VA loans limit buyers to only one residential purchase. By refinancing your VA loan to conventional loan, you can purchase a new primary home with your eligibility, and rent out your other property. 
  2. Get better rates. If it's been a while since you got your VA loan, there's a chance that the rates have lowered and by refinancing to conventional loan, you can save money. 
  3. Did not qualify for an IRRRL. If you have multiple mortgages, there’s also the possibility that you may not qualify for the VA’s IRRRL program, so a conventional loan refinance may be a better choice.

*Minimum loan amount of $175,000 required to apply. Exceptions include mortgage products for properties located within the Greater Kansas City metro and surrounding areas. Contact a NASB Loan Officer for more details on the specific areas and/or zip codes excluded. 
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"My wife and I looked into using a couple of other veteran-focused financial institutions for our VA home loan and NASB was by far the best. Their timeliness, attention to detail, the best rate offered, and customer service is what made our decision to use them for our home purchase."

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1NASB does not charge lender fees on VA loans; however, fees payable to third-party service providers are still required, including a VA funding fee if applicable.

2Based on 544 NASB closed loan customer surveys from 12/1/2021 to 7/27/2022. According to Bain and Company, the source of the Net Promotor Score (‘NPS’) system, a score of 50 is excellent, and anything above 80 is world-class.