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Here's what people have to say about Matt Allen's book Leverage Your IRA


"This book gives you proven, practical principles to achieve financial independence faster and with greater balance than you ever thought possible."

- Brian Tracy
Author of The Way to Wealth

"Self-directed IRA investing doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone. In this one book, you have access to the nation’s leading self-directed IRA experts. They show you how to make your IRA work for you – while helping you steer clear of costly IRA tax traps."

- Ed Slott, CPA,
IRA expert, author and host of www.irahelp.com

"Your IRA doesn’t have to sit in a bank, collecting dust. In fact, it can make you more money. This is the principle Matt teaches in Leverage Your IRA, a book that shows readers how they can invest their IRA in real estate, and get more for their return. I know I learned a lot!"

- Bob Proctor,
Best-selling author of You Were Born Rich and star of The Secret

"My clients have used their IRAs to purchase real estate for 20+ years while earning great returns. Leverage Your IRA simplifies the process so you can easily do this yourself. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to diversify their retirement account."

- Patrick W. Rice,
Author of IRA Wealth and founder of IRA Resource Associates, Inc.

"Non-recourse loans are a unique way to leverage your IRA and bring in more income from larger properties. North American Savings Bank is able to guide you through this money making process. Grasp it, and you can make up for lost time in retirement earnings."

- Adriane Berg, author of
How Not To Go Broke At 102: Achieving Everlasting Wealth

"North American Savings Bank envisioned the use of non-recourse lending within certain self-directed IRAs and took the lead in establishing a comprehensive program to educate and assist individual investors seeking to further diversify their retirement investment portfolios with the addition of alternative assets, such as real estate. Millennium Trust believes there is great value in helping educate investors on every aspect of real estate investing within self-directed individual retirement accounts."

- Sandra Reese, SVP Real Estate Investing,
Millennium Trust Company

"When our clients need an IRA lender to make their real estate transactions happen, we readily provide NASB’s name with confidence. As an IRA-focused lender, NASB understands the unique needs and structure required and has the experience and people to deliver its services quickly and professionally."

- Jeffrey A. Kelley, Chief Operating Officer,
Sterling Trust Company

"Investors who want to use leverage to buy real estate in their IRAs need to understand that the IRS requires that they use a non-recourse loan, and it is important that they work with a lender that can explain to the investor the unique requirements of those loans so that they know exactly what to expect and do what they can to protect their investment. Being a lender that understands non-recourse loans has made NASB a valuable resource for our clients."

- Tom Gonnella, Vice President,
Lincoln Trust Company (formerly Fiserv Investment Support Services)

"In 2001 – 2002, individuals across the nation suffered devastating losses to the traditional investments within their retirement accounts. During this same time frame, real estate was growing at a rapid pace and created a very attractive opportunity for investing retirement funds. One missing component was a lending institution that would provide the required non-recourse loans to take advantage of the opportunity.

North American Savings Bank stepped up and became the leading source of non-recourse loan programs specifically designed to address the needs of self-directed IRAs on a national basis. To this day, they are the premier non-recourse loan provider in the self-directed IRA industry, known for a quality loan product at reasonable pricing. Their programs allow individuals to take control over their retirement investment future. My compliments and whole-hearted thanks to Matt Allen and his team of professionals for taking a significant step forward into what was then uncharted territory."

- Michael P. Scott, VP, Director of Business Development,
PENSCO Trust Company

"For many years clients at Equity Trust have successfully worked with both Matt Allen and North American Savings Bank to utilize non-recourse loans for real estate investments in their retirement accounts. 
Currently, many Americans are looking for financial security in their retirement accounts through diversification. The concept of utilizing non-recourse loan for real estate investments can be very effective for financial security and wealth creation.

This book goes a long way in demystifying the process and I would like to congratulate Matt on a job well done."

- Richard A. Desich, Co-Founder of Equity Trust Company
and former president of the Retirement Industry Trust Association (RITA)

"NASB was the pioneer that first brought non-recourse lending for IRAs to a national audience. Their experience encompasses working with clients from a diversity of custodians, administrators, and facilitators. This gives them a unique perspective on how to harness the power of leverage inside a self-directed IRA."

- Jeremy Ames, President and Cofounder, Guidant Financial Group, Inc.

"At Sunwest Trust, Inc., we specialize in acting as custodian for nontraditional asset IRAs, and I believe real estate is one of the best. If you are a seasoned real estate investor, you already know how leverage can really increase your yield on real estate, and NASB is one of the only banks in the country that can and does provide the kind of financing you must have inside an IRA. NASB understands the special requirements of dealing with an IRA and they understand real estate."

- Terry White, CEO, Sunwest Trust, Inc.

"As a CPA, tax specialist, and host of KMBZ’s Moneyline program, I have been amazed by how little the American public, brokers, and investment advisors know about IRAs and retirement accounts. IRAs can be used to buy or start up a business and IRAs, and many retirement accounts can be used to buy rental properties and other investment real estate – so why not be smart and make 100% use of your money instead of using your after-tax dollars, sometimes as little as 60 or 70% of the cash to buy real estate? Best of all, you can partner with almost anyone and obtain non-recourse loans from the best-known lender, North American Savings Bank. I am always surprised by the number of financial advisors who tell their clients they cannot use their retirement accounts to purchase investment properties. When you get that response, simply go to iralending.com. Get the facts and discover what Americans who don’t want the volatility of the markets do: they invest in real estate."

- Peter Newman, Radio Host of Moneyline
and Owner of Peter Newman, CPA

"In today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to find a bank you can trust and North American Savings Bank stands out for many reasons – they’re extremely knowledgeable, personalized, and transparent. Whether you’re seeking a non-recourse loan for your IRA or a traditional mortgage, NASB listens to their customers and gets results quickly. As their marketing consultant, I know personally they are responsive and dedicated to their customers."

- Robyn Levin, Founder/CEO, R. Levin Marketing Group

"NASB has enabled several clients of Security Trust Company to make real estate purchases with their self-directed IRA. In fact, one Security Trust client was able to buy a $448,000 property with just $166,000 in cash from her IRA. Investments such as this could not have been made without NASB and the use of their non-recourse loan product, which allows STC’s clients to leverage their IRAs and invest in larger properties in today’s exciting real estate market."

- John Laughlin, President, Security Trust Company

"NASB has been a pleasure to deal with and understands the IRA non-recourse market."

- Steven D. Rothberg, Esq., Executive Vice President,
The Capital Companies

"NASB has been, and continues to be, the leader in non-recourse loans to qualified accounts. Many of our IRA participants have funded loans with NASB and all have had a very pleasant experience. Historically, there has been reluctance, on the part of retirement plan participants, to leverage their real estate investments. I believe the information in this book will help eliminate their concerns by providing valuable information regarding the loan process, the tax considerations and the financial benefits. I am fortunate to be acquainted with, Matt, Eric and Tom, all of whom are extremely knowledgeable professionals."

- Michael McNair, Vice President & Trust Officer,
IRA Services Trust Company

"According to MSN Money, “Most investors believe they cannot use IRA money to buy real estate, developed or undeveloped… but, they are wrong.” The fact is that by utilizing a real estate IRA, an investor can purchase income-producing real estate to hold within their portfolio. Not only that, but this form of self-directed IRA can also obtain mortgage financing. The leader in the field of IRA mortgage lending is NASB… hands down."

- Robert Hubbard, Founder and CEO, Safeguard Financial

"When our clients are interested in purchasing real property with debt financing, we refer them to North American Savings Bank. The people at NASB are always responsive and informative."

- Pamela Constantino, President, Polycomp Trust Company

"NASB has been a great resource for our clients. In an economic climate where clients are looking for alternative investment options, NASB has led the industry in providing banking solutions that fit a client’s unique needs."

- Theresa A. Fette, Chief Operating Officer, Provident Trust Group

"Every investor of every size has an immediate need to diversify their investment portfolio. Portfolio diversification is the key to a stable, reliable, and consistent return on your investments. The ability to purchase real estate inside of your IRA is a fundamental step into a truly diversified investment portfolio. My career as a community banker has proven overwhelmingly how important leverage is to producing the highest return on your investment. Non-recourse lending is an effective way for the investor to insure their success."

- Doug Lawson, President/CEO,
My Retirement Account Services, LLC (MyRA)

"Asset Exchange Strategies, LLC works closely with leading funding institutions such as North American Savings Bank to help investors structure an investment that is compliant with IRS regulations. North American Savings Bank has provided many of our clients with expedient funding services which has resulted in a profitable gain in their retirement account."

- Daniel Cordoba, CEO, Asset Exchange Strategies, LLC and author of
From Wall Street to Main Street, Your Guide to Self-Directed Investing

"Truly self-directed IRAs provide the public with a wide range of investment options over and above those available through plans offered by Investment Product Sponsors. This benefits the users (plan participants) by giving them the ability to diversify their investment choices within the plan at any time, hopefully therefore reducing the risk to their retirement portfolios."

- James Wagner, Self-directed IRA industry expert

Loral Langemeier
CEO/Founder of Live Out Loud | 3-time best-selling author of the Millionaire Maker book series
Financial literacy is imperative to achieving prosperity at any stage in life and when it comes to the relatively unknown issue of IRA investments, Matt Allen is one to rely on to gain the clarity you need regarding retirement money.
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