Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL)

The Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan can be used to refinance your current VA mortgage loan to a lower interest rate or a reduced term. The VA IRRRL offers a reduced VA funding fee (.5%) so the costs are significantly reduced compared to a VA cash out refinance! NASB waives our origination fee on IRRRLs; this is a great option to save thousands of dollars every year.

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Who is Eligible for an IRRRL?

Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel who already have an existing VA home loan are eligible for VA Streamline Refinancing. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) implemented this program to help Veterans and Active-Duty personnel lower their interest rates and monthly payments with no out-of-pocket costs.

Do you have an adjustable rate mortgage? You are also eligible for an IRRRL. This might be a good fit for you if you want a more secure and guaranteed payment program.

Streamlined VA Home Mortgage Loan Refinancing

The VA Streamline refinance home loan is one of the best options on the market for veterans who want to refinance their VA loan. In addition to lowering interest rates and monthly payments, this type of VA home loan refinancing has relaxed requirements compared to a standard VA loan, which consequently reduces the cost of the new loan. The loan process is quick and easy!

IRRRL Features

  •    No appraisal needed in most scenarios
  •    No income qualification or income documentation will be required in most scenarios
  •    It is possible to get an IRRRL with no money out of pocket. This can be accomplished by bundling all costs in the new loan
  •    Does not require a new Certificate of Eligibility
  •    VA IRRRL Lending and Refinancing - Click to Learn More

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98% Customer Satisfaction Rating

loan review

Everyone I dealt with was a top notch professional. It makes me even prouder having served my country, knowing I got this type of excellent treatment. Thank you NASB and everyone involved. Someday I would like to meet each and everyone involved in this transaction, you people are what America is made of, thank you again for the smooth transaction.

- John from Indiana

loan review

My loan officer was always available to me, even when I would leave a message he would get back to me promptly. While working with NASB, I felt like he was working for me and not just his company. His team was very helpful in gathering information to complete my loan.

- Tracey from Oregon

loan review

NASB and its staff are awesome. They actually have their act together and can help you navigate through the entire process with ease. This is my 3rd loan through them. I would highly recommend.

- Dale from Maryland