By Ken McCormick
Vice President of Relationship Management

6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Banking eStatements

Jul 15, 2024

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Many of us have realized from dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic there is much more of a need to do tasks remotely and electronically. These days, we can order and have food delivered, place prescription orders, pay our bills, and go grocery shopping, all from our smartphones. Doing financial transactions from our phones is another convenience, although many of us still like to receive our bank statements in the mail. Maybe it is the sense of security we get from having our bank documents printed and filed or the wariness we still have about our financial data being available digitally. The fact is that switching from printed statements to eStatements has many more advantages than disadvantages. Here are six of them for you to consider:

  1. Immediate access—By eliminating the time it takes to print and mail paper statements, you can receive your eStatement up to seven days earlier. This gives you a more accurate picture of your account history and balances.
  2. Convenience – Access your balance wherever you are, whenever you want, from your laptop, desktop, or tablet.
  3. Security—Bank statement information is more accessible for thieves to intercept in the mailing process than when delivered digitally. Accessing your account online provides an extra layer of login security that mail can’t offer.
  4. Eco-friendly – Paper manufacturing, printing, and mail transportation can create greenhouse gasses harmful to the environment.
  5. Less clutter – There is no need to keep large files of statements taking up valuable space or worry about shredding them when they are no longer needed. You can keep up to three years of archived bank statements and access and download them when needed.
  6. No extra cost – Most banks, including NASB, offer switching to eStatements for no additional fee.

If you want to learn more about switching to eStatements, click here or call the experts at NASB at 800-677-6272.