By Ken McCormick
Vice President of Relationship Management

9 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare Your House for Spring

Jan 29, 2024

  • Helpful Tips

Oregon artist Erin Hanson once said, "If you think my winter is too cold, you don't deserve my spring." As Midwesterners, we certainly deserve our springs after our long, cold winters. To help with bringing in the new season, here are nine things you can do to prepare: 

  1. Change or clean filters. Your furnace ran nearly non-stop this winter, and that means your filter needs to be replaced. This is also a good time to clean your range hood, window air conditioner unit, and dehumidifier filters.
  2. Clean the gutters.  There are probably remnants of fall foliage and some broken branches you’ll want to clear out before the first spring rain. While up on the ladder, check the roof for any damage caused by broken branches.
  3. Empty your dryer vent. Clogged dryer vents can put a strain on your dryer and are a fire hazard. Vents are easily removed from the back panel of the dryer and can be cleaned with a brush.
  4. Prep the BBQ grill. Hopefully, your grill has been covered throughout the winter, and all you will need to do is remove dust and debris. You may have to scrub any rust that is collected on the gill.
  5. Test smoke detectors. You should probably switch out the batteries regardless of whether they work or not. You can never be too cautious when it comes to fire safety.
  6. Clean outdoor furniture. Those deck tables and chairs took a beating and need to be cleaned. Plus, a little touch-up paint and new cushions will give them a fresh look.
  7. Check outdoor bulbs. A well-lit house is a safe house; over the winter, you may have had a few burns. Replace with energy-saving CFL bulbs.
  8. Get your AC unit checked. Winter weather can be tough on outdoor equipment. Annual checks on your AC unit from an HVAC specialist in the spring can prevent a costlier problem later.  
  9. Tidy the garage. Junk and dirt seem to collect in garages over the winter, and a good spring cleaning with the door open is just the solution. Get the mower ready.  Mowing your yard every week can put a strain on a mower, and some simple maintenance in the spring can help prolong its life. Clean the filters, drain any old gas, check the oil, and wash it well.

Getting these tips done now means more time you can spend in the hammock.