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Mobile Banking FAQs

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The mobile banking app contains many of the same core features as the desktop site with the exception of account aggregation and the ability to edit your budget management (view only).
There are two easy ways to pay bills using NASB’s Mobile Banking app. You can use the Bill Pay service or transfer money between NASB accounts to make a credit card or loan payment.
No, NASB does not charge a fee for using NASB mobile services or downloading our mobile app. However, you should check with your wireless carrier, as message and data rates for your mobile device may apply from them. For mobile text/SMS, it might cost you more, as some carriers charge for text messaging depending on your plan. For mobile web and our mobile app, you need to have a plan that supports "data", which could cost you more.
If you own an iPhone or Android  smartphone, you can download the App (or Launcher) directly to your mobile device. Simply search for NASB North American in your device’s app store. 
Alerts are notices that you set up to automatically alert you when select activity occurs on your accounts. Alerts are sent through text or email directly to your mobile device and are an easy, effective way to keep track of your account activity and to monitor your accounts for fraudulent transactions.
For the mobile text/SMS service, your mobile device must be capable of sending and receiving text messages. For NASB's Mobile App, you need a mobile device capable of downloading and accessing our free app from your device types application store.

The following accounts are accessible with NASB Mobile:

Yes. The application can be downloaded for free from your device’s app store. Simply search for NASB North American in your favorite app store or find our app on iTunes or Google Play.
Text Banking gives you the ability to access your eligible accounts from a mobile phone or device via text messaging. To use this service, you must first enroll by adding your mobile number for “Text Banking” in Online or Mobile Banking Personal Settings/User Profile. Simply text NASB with text commands to view account balances, and transfer funds quickly and easily (ex. BAL returns the balance on our primary checking or savings account). Standard text messaging rates may apply. Check with your mobile service provider for fees and charges.
NASB Mobile Remote Check Deposit works by using the camera on your phone to capture an image of the check. The image is processed the same way as making a deposit at a branch or at an ATM. None of the check images are stored on your phone so you can rest assured that it is secure. Your check image is transmitted for processing and verification. Once approved, the money is deposited into your account! Here's instructions on how to get started. 
NASB customers who are 18 and over, and who have an active checking or savings account, online banking with NASB, and a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android, or a tablet.
Please use a bright light and contrasting background to prevent shadows and poor image quality. Keep your hands and other objects clear of the check while taking the picture.
The check should be signed and accompanied by the verbiage, "For Mobile Deposit Only - NASB."
$1,000 per business day; daily deposit limits may vary for users of other services provided by NASB.
Deposits submitted on a normal bank business day before 4:00 pm CST will generally be posted to your account the same business day. Deposits made after 4:00 pm CST or on weekends or holidays will generally be credited the next business day. Deposits will be available within two business days after the deposit is credited unless you are notified. Our standard hold policies apply, and any holds placed are at the sole discretion of NASB.
The paper check should be retained for a minimum of 30 days.
No, a check can only be deposited to a single checking or savings account using mobile deposit. After the deposit has been credited to your account, you can then make transfers to other accounts.
  • Make sure the check amount entered matches the amount written on the check
  • Verify that the back of your check is signed (endorsed)
  • Flatten folded or crumpled checks before taking pictures
  • Keep the entire check within the on-screen corners when capturing your picture
  • Capture the picture in a well-lit area
  • Place the check on a contrasting background before taking pictures
  • Keep the phone flat and steady above the check when taking pictures
  • Make sure the entire check image is visible and in focus before submitting your mobile deposit
  • Make sure the signature on the check doesn’t flow into the MICR line (the series of numbers that appear along the bottom of your check)

Some common reasons checks may not deposit:

  • Fields or characters on a check image that are difficult to read
  • Missing or illegible signatures
  • Duplicate check image
  • MICR Line (the series of numbers and symbols that appear along the bottom of your check) issue
  • Maker's signature loops into the MICR line
  • Check background image causes dark areas to appear in the MICR Line
  • Fold lines on the check causes shadows in the MICR Line
Fast Balances allows you to view your account balances and recent transactions right from the Sign In screen without entering your User ID & Password.
To enable Fast Balances on your device, you must first log in and go to Profile > User Profile > Manage Fast Balances. Be sure to swipe the app closed for Fast Balances to be accessible next time you launch the app.
Log in to the mobile app, then go to Profile > User Profile > Manage Fast Balances to verify Fast balances is enabled. Here, you able to choose the accounts you want to include in Fast Balances.
If you are having trouble using your Android device for mobile check deposit, please click here and scroll to the bottom for set up instructions. 
e-Statements are only accessible through NASB’s Online Banking.

Here's a video that can help you get started with the NASB Mobile Banking app:

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