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Your Self-Directed IRA can purchase investment real estate as another form of a tax-sheltered retirement investment (consult your tax advisor). Using financing to purchase these investments allows you to diversify your investment portfolio without tying up all of your IRA funds. Or, you can refinance property you currently own in your Self-Directed IRA with a non-recourse loan. NASB allows an IRA to take the equity out of the property and put liquid funds back into the IRA.


The IRS requires a non-recourse loan for all real estate purchases that use leverage with a self-directed IRA. North American Savings Bank is America's IRA Non- Recourse Lender. NASB specializes in helping you obtain non-recourse loans which are used with a Self-Directed IRA.


Tired of Your IRA Earning Lousy Returns in Traditional Investments? Try Real Estate!

Want to know the secret to increasing returns in your IRA that your investment advisor may not even be aware of?

Many people have found great success in investing in real estate over the past few decades but few are aware that you can hold real estate investments within your IRA. Not only can you hold these investments, you can use the power of leverage through non-recourse loans to substantially increase your returns. Contact us to learn more about:

  • How self-directed IRAs function
  • What a non-recourse loan is and how it works
  • Why your CPA and investment advisor may not be aware of these options.
  • What the IRS has to say about real estate in an IRA
  • The step-by-step actions to get started earning great returns

Rather than watching your retirement funds inch slowly forward, put that money to work and live the retirement of your dreams!

Use the Power of Leverage with Non-Recourse Real Estate Loans

NASB Offers a Variety of Adjustable rate and fixed rate non-recourse loans for you to choose from. NASB does not offer an interest only loan for non-recourse financing.

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