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Hello! I am Jon Wolverton

Team Leader | NMLS #415109

Jon Wolverton - NASB loan officer

I take pride in delivering superior customer service while performing it with honor, integrity and commitment. As a seasoned mortgage professional with years of experience, I have worked with thousands of homeowners, many of whom are repeat clients or referrals from previous clients. Service to my clients always comes first. I always make myself available, even after hours and on weekends.

About me

Loan specialist since: 2002

Education:William Jewell College

What people say

“"We had a great experience with Jon Wolverton. We were initially concerned about his bank being a smaller bank without much presence in MD, but are extremely happy with the customer service and rate we received from him. Our loan consultant, Jon, was fantastic to work with. He took his time explaining everything for us, was always available when we had questions and our mortgage commitment was ready ahead of schedule. The mortgage process with Jon was the only part of purchasing our new home that was not stressful. I would recommend Jon Wolverton without reservation"”

— Susan E. - Tacoma Park, MD

“"Our loan officer, Jon Wolverton, was the absolute best. I could not even get my current mortgage holder to answer my refi request and here comes Jon, wonderful from the first conversation! He was so patient and informative. I would definitely recommend him and his company."”

— Dan I. - VA

“"My loan officer I had, Jon Wolverton, was very courteous and helpful in every step of the refinance process. All of my questions were answered very promptly and satisfactory. I had a very pleasant experience."”

— Cindy L. - San Diego , CA

“"We were contacted by many lenders. Jon Wolverton, was by the far the most personable. He helped us each step of the way, answering questions and offering support. I have recommended him and his company to others and will continue to do so."”

— Bryan R. - Worcester, MA

“"I found Jon Wolverton through an online site, and he was my contact. I greatly appreciated that Jon was able to handle 98% of the process. We had several small bumps along the way and Jon was vigilant. He responded quickly both through email and by phone. Thank you Jon."”

— Walter R. - Springfield, NE

“"Once you put your request into an online home loan request, you will receive a lot of annoying phone calls. But Jon Wolverton is friendly, courteous, and uses active listening skills. He worked with me through the most stressful time of buying a home. He provided full disclosure of all the documents, closing costs, fees, and rates. We went over the different loan options. I was able to secure a low rate that nobody else could meet at the cost. He honestly answered all of my questions on time. His estimated closing costs were really close within a couple of dollars to the actual closing costs. He explained the loan process and expectations from me as a buyer, the real estate agent, under writers, appraisal, etc. It made for a smooth and very speedy process. We were able to close on the house a week earlier than the original contract closing date in less than 30 days. I would recommend Jon Wolverton and his bank to my family, friends, and coworkers."”

— JD M. - Atlanta, GA

“"Jon Wolverton was fantastic to work with. He kept in touch with us from the time we first sent an inquiry and through the entire process. We made our decision to go with him because he was so responsive and great to work with. We were nervous to refinance through a company online versus a local mortgage company but Jon made us feel comfortable in our decision. He was very professional and went out of his way to find a program that worked for us. Thank you Jon! I had a great experience with Jon Wolverton. He was very responsive to my initial inquiries, and 1) didn't play games and 2) really went to bat for me, and placed me in a loan that had a great rate to go along with their low fees. Overall, an excellent experience! I really felt like we were partners in the process and that they had my best interest at heart. You should definitely give him a shot at winning your business -- you won't be disappointed."”

— Shelia R. - Atlanta, GA

“"Jon helped us close in 30 days! Never thought I would own a home. He helped me understand what I was signing up for."”

— Stacy C. - Charlotte, NC

“"Jon Wolverton was always prompt and eager to assist with any questions or problems even if it didn't pertain to his loan. His assist made the home buying experience enjoyable."”

— Nancy W. - Suffolk, VA

“"Jon Wolverton was a true professional, as well as personal, can't say enough about his knowledge and abilities to speed through the process. Highly recommend!"”

— James M. - Fayetteville, NC

“"My wife and I are first time homebuyers and were both scared and apprehensive about the Home buying process. Based on our income we were comfortable with the fact that we could afford a mortgage payment but like many others we didn't have the traditional 20% down payment. We both have excellent credit scores so we thought there would be a product for responsible people like us, but to our surprise there was not ... that was until we were put in touch with our loan originator Jon Wolverton. Our experience with local lenders and commercial banks left us believing that the only mortgage product available to us would be an FHA loan. It seems many of the "great" products that contributed to this country's problems were no longer available. It wasn't until we were hooked up with Jon did we begin to have hope. After my initial conversation with Jon Wolverton, I was immediately encouraged that there was a product for us that suited our needs. From there, everything took off. It certainly can be an overwhelming experience but Jon Wolverton's friendly demeanor combined with superior competence allowed us to feel at ease. When things seemed to get a little hairy, Jon walked us through. Really ... from start to finish, Jon exceeded expectations. You truly get what you pay for ... excellent service, competent people not to mention a home to call your own. Jon Wolverton ... no need to look any further. You can't go wrong. Good Luck!!!"”

— Bill M. - Wantagh, NY

“"Jon was professional, helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. I got a lower interest rate, and am very happy with my new mortgage payments!!!! The whole process was completed in a timely manner."”

— Marie G. - Staten Island, NY

“"We had a great experience with this bank, Jon, our loan officer, couldn't have been more nicer. Prompt responses, excellent communication. We got the acceptance from the seller and closed 15 days later. Now that is customer service at its best. I would highly recommend this bank. Even though they are located in Kansas City, we had no problems."”

— Steve K. - Chicago, IL

“"We had an outstanding experience with our loan officer was Jon Wolverton, who did a great job of working for us to meet our needs. Being our first time getting a VA loan, he made the process easy and kept us informed as to our progress throughout. He was the first lender I spoke with after submitting my application and we developed an immediate rapport. I talked to others after, but Nate was able to get me the best terms and give me the best service. My real estate agent even commented that Jon was very easy to work with and was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend his bank, and especially Jon Wolverton if you are in the market for a VA mortgage."”

— Scott V. - Norwalk, CT