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Hello! I am Karen Sallee

Senior Loan Consultant | NMLS #415045

Karen Sallee - NASB loan officer

Professionalism, integrity and knowledge are the foundations of my work ethic. I have been in the business over 25 years and am dedicated to ensuring your purchase or refinance goes smoothly. I have the expertise and resources to assist you in selecting the best program to achieve your immediate and future goals. I strive to be your mortgage resource and earn your referrals for years to come.

About me

Loan specialist since: 1987

What people say

“Karen's assistance and guidance through the process was exemplary. She was patient, thorough, and always good humored.  She went above and beyond at every turn and I appreciate it greatly.”

— James F.

“I received excellent service from my initial application through the closing process.  Karen Sallee was the best mortgage specialist I have worked with.  She was thorough and communicated with me throughout the process.  I would recommend NASB and look forward to a long relationship.”

— Eric P.

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your help throughout this process. Not only were Michelle and I impressed with your level of service and friendly personality but everyone that you have interacted with throughout the process was impressed as well.  Buying and selling a home on the same day, along with a baby on the way, is extremely stressful. However, you made the purchase side of things so easy and flawless, that I kept thinking I was doing something wrong! At the end of the day, just know that Michelle and I are grateful for your help and will be recommending you to everyone we know!”

— Mark & Michelle M. - Cherry Hill, NJ

“I rarely type anything in comment section such as this, but I would like to give credit where credit is due. After completing the LendingTree application, I was contacted by a mob of lenders, all very nice and professional. When Karen Sallee contacted me there was something different. She was very nice and professional also, but she had a calmness that spoke confidence. Karen walked me through everything and always responded to my questions (even when she was home, sick). I felt more comfortable with her over the phone than I have felt with other lenders face-to-face. She was a pleasure to work with. Thanks Karen!”

“Regarding my Loan Consultant Karen Sallee - This lady went above and beyond in every aspect of the process. While I found a good many things along the way to be daunting and confusing, Karen's personal attention in each phase of the process made the difference. The extra effort she put forth has no measure or equal. Her experienced guidance through my VA loan and the genuine respect she paid me as a Veteran and for my service to our country was second to none. Give this lady a raise in salary, a trip to the Bahamas and a corner office with a view. She more than earned it. Thank You Karen.”

— Robert D.

“We have completed numerous mortgage processings over the past 3 decades and this one was the most satisfying of our experiences. Ms. Sallee was the most professional, responsive and efficient account officer we have ever had.”

— Kelly W.

“This is my second refinance with NASB due to the outstanding service I received from Karen Sallee at my first refinance in March 2010. I never thought rates would go low enough to do a 2nd refinance, but when they did, I contacted Karen directly based on my previous experience with her. There were unanticipated issues with the appraisal value coming in low, but Karen hung in there and explained our options. I sincerely doubt I would have gotten this kind of service, even from my local credit union. Karen is a treasure, I hope NASB recognizes this and treats her extremely well!”

— Cheryl C.

“There is no Loan Consultant better than Karen Sallee. Karen is a true professional and wonderful human being who truly cares about the people she serves. I served in the military for 25 years and have financed or refinanced many homes over the years and I rank my experience with NASB as by far the best....and it's all because of Karen!”

— Garry K. - Springfield, VA

“Thank you, out of all that I had to deal with  through the process of purchasing a home you had made it much easier than I would have thought it to be. You have been nothing but nice and understanding to me. I would highly recommend anyone needing preapproved to go with NASB based upon the pleasant experience I have had in doing business with you.”

— Lisa

“Karen was fantastic! She was always willing to answer my questions either by phone or email, she was accessible (I had her phone, email, fax, cell phone, etc. and she always either called right back or picked up right away), and she was knowledgable and honest (including when she didn't know an answer and had to do some research). Also, in additional to competitive rates and fees, the turnaround time was fast and everything closed smoothly, in spite of a very tight closing date. I'm trying to think of some sort of constructive criticism or something, but I just can't. You did great. Thank you.”

— Eric P.

“I have worked with several loan consultants, Karen Salee is by far the best! Karen is not only extremel y easy to work with, also, she is knowledgeable, professional, and goes the extra mile for her clients. I had some problems with the title company, however, Karen did her best to remedy the situation making my experience good. I would not have been happy with my experience with the title company without Karen's expertise. Karen is such an asset to our society in general, she not only knows what she is doing, she also has a conscience and cares; a quality which is rapidly disappearing in today's society. Your company is very fortunate to employ Karen Salee. If only there were more people like Karen, all of "us" would benefit. She is a great model/mentor/asset to your company. I hope her exceptional qualities are recognized and equitably rewarded. Because of Karen I will recommend your company to my friends and associates.”

— Teresa B.

“Karen Sallee provided an exceptional level of service. She made me feel special, as if I were her most important client. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn, that I was her only client in the whole wide world. Smiles. I thank her for that. Her work ethic is one to be modeled.”

— John S.

“The pleasure has been all mine.  From the very beginning, you have managed this process with grace, wisdom and a professional acumen that inspires trust and instills confidence.  Based on my experience, I would be happy to send anyone looking for refinancing or initial financing in your direction.  I doubt if there is every anything I can do for you, but if something comes to mind please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.”

— Dave M.

“Amazing loan officer!!! She completed our VA loan in less than 18 days and worked night and day to help us close on time. She guided us through the process and worked alongside our title company to give us one of the best experiences available. Thanks for all you did for us, Karen. There is no better!!!”

— Tim H.