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Hello! I am Heather Howard-Homburger

Senior Loan Consultant | NMLS #415164

Heather Howard-Homburger - NASB loan officer

I strive to provide excellent customer service to make your home purchase or refinance process as seamless as possible! Communication is key to ensure my clients are well informed along the way!

About me

Loan specialist since: 2003

Education:Northwest Missouri State University

What people say

“Great experience. Everything went well thanks to efforts by Heather Homburger.She is really outstanding.  First time I have ever used my VA benefits despite the fact that I was honorably discharged 50 years ago. Four stars.....Thanks Heather !!!”

— William G.

“The experience with North American Savings Bank, specifically associate Heather Howard-Homburger, was hands down the best customer service I have ever experienced. This is no stretch, by any means; Heather was prompt, precise, pleasant, and productive the entire time. She was accessible and attuned to every step throughout the whole process. This individual, Heather Howard-Homburger, is a gem, and should be teaching and training the entire Mortgage/Lending/Brokerage staff within the North American Savings Bank organization. This employee must be retained, at all costs, and I am definitely going to drop her name to everyone I know. Additionally, I am going to keep Heather in mind if a similar organization is looking to obtain a quality professional to lead and develop its human capital to limits beyond what the rest of the industry provides. I only say that because if NASB is not positioning and/or investing in the advancement and competitive retainment of Mrs. Howard-Homburger, then they are sorely limiting and wasting the potential that is possible for the organization. I honestly have never dealt with any service, deal, loan, or process that was more effectively, efficiently, and pleasantly facilitated than that of the North American Savings Bank, under the customer care of Mrs. Heather Howard-Homburger. It was a sheer delight; and I will not be so apprehensive and nervous about doing this again in the future so long as I know that Heather is involved with the process. Thanks so much!”

— Timothy O.

“To start off with, this e-mail is way overdue. I wanted to send you this about a month ago, but things just got really hectic and time just seemed to slip away. But anyway, I just want to let you know what a fantastic employee you have in Ms. Heather Howard. I had been looking for a possible re-fi on my home and checked with several banking institutions. One of the people that got back with me was Heather. I got to tell you, I was never so comfortable in speaking with anyone as I was with her. I felt like I was a million dollar depositor with your bank, or a controlling stock holder the way she treated me. She checked my credit report and went over it with me, explained to me about the difference in scores, etc. Even a day or two later she called me again, just to see how things were going and if I should need any help with anything else to feel free to call her. If every business had employee's like Heather, this economy would probably be in better shape due to the fact that people would know exactly where they stand financially and wouldn't hesitate in calling their respective representatives. In closing, I just wanted to thank you for Heather and her professionalism and extreme helpfulness. If I were you, I wouldn't ever take a chance on letting her go.”

— Doug S. - Plymouth, IN

“Heather was absolutely amazing! We started our loan with one of the big banks, but I could never get anyone to call me back or answer my questions. Heather would often answer my calls on the first ring, emailed me regularly to follow up, and when things threatened to fall apart on our closing day she made it work. We went from making an offer to closing in under four weeks. We couldn't have done it without her!”

— Amanda G. - West Des Moins, IA

“I would like to express my appreciation for the dedication and hard work Heather Howard put forth so that I was able to close on my re-finance.  We encountered several difficulties along the way, all of which were my fault.  She remained professional with me and was always available to help, answer questions and research the things I needed to successfully complete the loan. Ms. Howard was a joy to work with. I hope you take the time to recognize her efforts on my behalf.”

— Frank B. - Bristow, VA

“Heather Howard was such a great help… Thank you!!!”

— Eric B. - West Monroe, LA

“I was very impressed with our loan consultant -- she was very responsive, very knowledgeable and very helpful. Everything was very professional and espedited quickly. I was very happy with our refiance experience with NASB.”

— Shawn B. - Oakton, VA

“Excellent experience. Easiest refinance that I have ever been part of.”

— William W. - Birmingham, AL

“I have worked with Heather at North American Savings Bank before. Great service and support. As usual, Ms. Heather was a great help to us and certainly made the process easy and painless. We appreciate her very much. Thank you!”

— Alvinvent & Joyce F. - Knoxville, TN

“Heather was outstanding to work with on my refinance. She answered all of my questions, returned calls in a timely manner, has an outstanding personality, and is an asset to NASB. Thank you!”

— Anthony A. - Westerville, OH

“We purchased a home with Heather’s assistance & then later refinanced our home loan with Heather. She made it a breeze and locked us in at a great rate! Our experience with NASB has been very satisfactory. We appreciate all the help and smart assistance we received as we went through the paperwork for our refinance. We can’t say enough about the excellent service from Heather and NASB. She even arranged to have the closing attorney come to us! Now that is REAL customer service. Thank you sincerely!”

— William O. & Laura N. - Beech Island, SC

“Heather has been such a delight to work with compared to other loan officers we’ve dealt with in the past. From the first day we called Heather until the day we closed our loan, Heather sought out every step with a friendly and caring attitude. I could not be more thankful to have financed with you. My husband and I have already referred friends. Our realtor was also so pleased that she is now referring clients because of the outstanding service provided by Heather. NASB should be very honored to have such an asset such as Heather on your team!”

— David & Brittany L. - Benton, AR

“Heather was so patient and helpful during my refinance.”

— Rosemarie F. - Las Vegas, NV

“My loan proceeded smoothly. It’s always a pleasure working with Heather at NASB. I have closed one purchase loan & 2 refinances with Heather so far.”

— Aaron T. - Seattle, WA

“Buying a home is very stressful; however, working with Heather took some of my stress away. Heather was extremely polite and professional. She knew what she was talking about, and I felt as though she had my best interest at heart. It seemed like she was on my side and working FOR me, instead of just trying to make a sale or take advantage of me. I would highly recommend NASB to friends and family, based on my experience with Heather. All of the paperwork was completed in a timely fashion, so there were no delays at the closing.”

— Karen W. - Glenshaw, PA