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Hello! I am Nate Higgins

Senior Loan Consultant | NMLS #415059

Nate Higgins - NASB loan officer

I am a consistent top producer in the Kansas City area with diverse mortgage loan experience. My global lending knowledge gives my clients a unique confidence that they're getting the absolute best in service and advice available. I look forward to working with you!

About me

Loan specialist since: 2005

Education:University of Kansas

What people say

“Nate might as well just run the whole bank, his service was exceptional and he may be the best loan officer in the history of the world. I was and kinda still am super satisfied”

— Charles S. - Spring, TX

“I want to thank Nate Higgins and let his supervisor know that he provided me with the best service I have revived from a banking institution in years! The service was amazing as he walked me through the process and educated me about everything needed to complete my transaction. Nate was very patient with this process that took about 4-months and kept me up-to-date with how the process was going. Nate would always answer or return my calls within 24-hours and provided me with information and answered questions that I had. I have already mentioned to Nate that when friends or family ask me about refinancing or purchasing a home, that I would definitely recommend them to him. Thank you again for the excellent service that's received!!!! Nate made the process stress-less.”

— Fermin S. - Los Angeles, CA

“"I felt very at ease relying on NASB. Also with the agent Nate Higgins. He never made me feel inadequate. He was very kind, and explained things to me in such a clear way I actually understood the process. Other agents from other company's I talked to made it sound so complicated, and I would always hang up the phone feeling so frustrated. I rarely had to leave a message when I would call him, and if I did leave a message, Nate always returned my phone calls in a timely manner. I always felt taken care of, and at no time did I ever feel like I was being misled, or that my concerns, and questions did not matter. I was treated respectfully, and felt valued. I have been telling friends, and family about NASB, and will continue to do so.”

— Carla - Mooresville, NC

“Nate was one of several representatives who followed up with a request from me to LendingTree. We had tried to refi in October/November but it didn't go through with our original lender, Bank of America. He called me almost immediately upon my filing the request with Lending Tree. In a nutshell, the reason NASB got the sale was because Nate was willing to take the time to explain the program to me and answer all my questions about procedure, rates, steps to take, etc. BEFORE he knew we would qualify and be a worthy investment of his time. He explained the ins and outs of the industry and the plans being floated by the government in a way that showed me how it applied to my specific situation, not just the "need to know" items so he could process me and get on to the next call. Throughout our correspondence, he was timely in returning my calls/emails and at all times acted professionally AND compassionately. He really seemed to want to make this work for us...we weren't just another number, as I have felt from others in his position. All in all, good customer service is rare anymore, and I felt it was important that you received some feedback in the asset you have on the "front lines" in Nate Higgins.”

— Beth & Jon - Maryland

“My apologies for not getting this to you sooner, especially when you are so deserving of a very BIG THANK YOU! Jeff and I could not be happier in our new home and you helped make that dream a reality. Jeff had reached out to Lending Tree on the internet and immediately received numerous responses from banks all over the country. He spoke with many but was most impressed with your professionalism, knowledge and offer. We were not disappointed in his choice. we so appreciated your good nature, responsiveness, your willingness to explain things to me as they came up (being it was my first home purchase), your "stick-with-it"ness and follow up throughout the entire process. I wish you the best of success in all of your future endeavors. Don't be surprised when you get a call from someone who says "Jeff and Stef" sent me your way. We will be sure to mention your name whenever our family, friends or colleagues are in need of someone to assist them with a mortgage.”

— Stephanie T. - Annadale, NJ

“Although this may be an overlooked task, I feel that I must bring to your attention the outstanding customer service I receive by your representative, Mr. Nate Higgins. I am, of course, very delighted to have Mr. Higgins to process my home loan. My process was long and drawn out due to the lack of communication from the real estate company. Mr. Higgins went far beyond his duty scope to ensure that I was being taken care of. He always displayed a professional and courteous attitude, expert knowledge, and patience in handling my specific issues which was very vital to my complete customer satisfaction. I am 25 year active duty Army soldier who will be retiring in a couple of months. Mr. Higgins worked diligently with me for over three months and adjusted to the many changes that occurred during that time period. This is one less concern for me and I am deeply appreciative of his assistance and support. While I never knew anything about North American Savings Bank before now, your organization have placed a lasting impression on me and I will tell everyone that I meet about your great organization and the outstanding character the it possess. I feel like Mr. Higgins treated my affairs with the utmost importance and concern. I dealt with five other mortgage companies before coming to North American Savings Bank. I felt that they were not sensitive to my needs and did not take the time to exhaust all options before telling me that there was nothing that they could do for me. But not in this case, Mr. Higgins handled my issues as if they were his own, exhausted all means to find a solution, and I am completely satisfied. I will continue to advertise your business to family and friends which will be my way of showing my appreciation to all that Mr. Higgins did for me. I am sure you will understand my position, and I hope that you will pass the thanks on to him.”

— Earl F. - Fayetteville, GA

“You did an excellent, excellent job with my loan. I am very happy, and as you know I recommended you to about ten people I work with and others so hopefully that will get you some new leads. Take care and if the rates go to 3.5% maybe I'll be calling you again!”

— Greg - Dix Hills, NY

“Well we love our new home!!! It has been really, really hot here as well, but with my pool, I have been keeping cool. We appreciate all your hard work in securing our loan. It was a pleasure working with you and if there was a way I could inform your superiors of your outstanding performance and dedication. If I learn of anyone looking to purchase or refinance, I will definitely send them your way.”

— Vernon & Missy D. - Goreville, IL

“Thank you very much. I've ejoyed doing business with you. You have done a superior job. Let me know if you ever need a referral. I'd be honored to provide it.”

— Don D. - Marietta, GA

“It was very comfortable to talk to Nate from the first phone call. He found wrong things from my previous unsuccessful refinancing mess and explained me more than I expected. I understood the process and it was a very smooth transaction. Nate is the best person and I am thankful.”

— Norico K. - Bayside, NY

“You provided excellend support on all aspects of this loan. It's great to receive excellent service since it seems to be so rare these days. Thanks for your help!”

— Jason E. - Oakdale, PA

“Hey Nate! Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for everything on getting us funded and into our new home. We've been in the house a little over a week now and we are loving it. We really appreciated your attentiveness to our process. Mark, our agent, told us numerous times that he really enjoyed working with you. Thanks again!”

— Don N. - Monrovia, CA