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Hello! I am Rob Crosthwait

Senior Loan Consultant | NMLS #237818

Rob Crosthwait - NASB loan officer

I am a 15-year residential lending veteran with a passion for meeting the needs of homeowners. I've built a solid foundation of referral partners, locally and nationally, addressing a wide array of real estate transactions. Whether you're buying a home, investing in real estate, or searching for ways to create more wealth, I will be your trusted adviser -- ready to listen, develop options, and find ways to meet your individual financial goals.

About me

Loan specialist since: 2003

What people say

“Rob and his team did cheetah flips to make this happen. Home seller put extraordinary time constraints on this transaction, which the time period included a 4 day holiday weekend. Rob/NASB represented my wife and me who are currently residing in an overseas combat zone and executed with precision and efficiency, bolstering North American’s already impressive reputation. Rob has earned our absolute trust. Thank you for what you do.”

— Scott F. - Virginia Beach, VA

“Rob Crosthwait was very helpful and kept me informed on the progress of my application. He made my experience with NASB a pleasure and I will in fact recommend your bank to friends and family.”

— Chris S. - Modesto, CA

“My experience with NASB was wonderful!! I worked with Rob Crosthwait and Zach Masters, and these two gentlemen made my first time home buying experience truly easily and was always a phone call away!”

— Delandruis F. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I cannot put into words how pleased I was about how my loan application went with NASB. Being in Pennsylvania and dealing with Rob & Zackary, who are hundreds of miles away, things went real smooth. They both were available when I needed some questions answered. I never met them before and they didn't know who I was but treated me and my daughter very professionally. I would recommend NASB without hesitation to anyone in need of refinance or buying a new home. Again guys, thank you both for all your help.”

— Chris C. - Warrington, PA

“I'd like to recognize Rob Crosthwait for his straightforward and responsive communications throughout the refinance process, from the initial research inquiry to the handoff to the title and escrow company. The various search engines available to the consumer which generate mortgage solicitations can be overwhelming but I felt Rob was honest and forthright when I asked questions. His GFE and other guidance were "on the mark" so there weren't any surprises. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rob to a friend or relative for a new mortgage loan or refinance.”

— Art W. - Kapolei, HI

“Rob and his team are fantastic to work with. They are extremely patient and explained everything so we were never confused. During our closing, the title services representative commented on "how well we were taken care of" while processing the paperwork. I am very pleased with the service we received and will recommend their services to everyone I know.”

— Carla L. - West Haven, UT

“Great Loan Officer (Rob Crosthwait) = Great Lender (NASB) NASB was the perfect lender for my VA home loan because, they offered the best rate of all the lenders, there was one lending agent (Rob Crosthwait) who was right there for the whole process. We never got bounced between employees and never had to re-explain ourselves because from start to finish Rob went out of his way to take care of us. We were never waiting for NASB to get things done because Rob was always on top of it from first contact to closing. We did not have to fight for rate locks - Rob - actually was able to lower my rate the day we closed to the rate that was initially quoted. Rob & NASB were up-front on their ability to get our loan closed due to the size of our (Jumbo) mortgage. Rob clearly had a lot of experience with the whole VA process. I would highly recommend Rob & NASB they provide top notch service (and from a guy that works on Wall Street I can really tell you there's no notch above them) and we couldn't be any happier - we know who we'll be calling when we need our next mortgage. Thank you Rob & NASB!!!”

— John & Vanessa S. - Eastontown, NJ

“My wife and I were interested in the potential of a cash-our refinance to help restructure debt we had taken on after having four children and 13 years of marriage. I talked with several lenders before Rob with NASB contacted me. From the outset, Rob was very interested in my goals. He never pushed any one option, rather, he listened to my situation and provided several options for my wife and I to choose. After working with Rob and Zach for only a short while, I could tell I was in store for a different from usual lender / client relationship. During the process, Rob and Zach were very patient yet attentive to my questions - I always received a timely response. Interfacing with Rob and Zach provided a real sense of confidence in the refinance path we chose. After my experience with Rob and Zach at NASB, I feel very much like I have a friend in the business. I highly recommend their services.”

— Dan J. - Waxhaw, NC

“Rob Crosthwait and Zachary Masters are AMAZING!! Being out of state, we were a little concerned about the process and closing. It was so seamless and their attention to detail and professionalism was top notch!”

— Kenneth B. - Moore, OK

“Great service no surprises very honest people.”

— Marguerite & Edward F. - Highland, CA

“I would like to say that Rob Crosthwait and his team were exceptional in how they handled my loan process. Rob took great care, he was prompt and he knew his job. He prepared me for every step by informing me on the things I would need to do to ensure my process was smooth. He was compassionate, firm, and direct. All very good. He's word was his word and he went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure I was in a position to make an informed decision. He was very competent and knowledgeable of his job. I would recommend him and whoever he work for to all veterans, friends and family members. I am very satisfied with the service I was given. Rob Crosthwait is an asset to any company he choose to work for. I would have made a grave mistake not to have stuck with him. Thanks for funding my loan and the exemplary service given to me.”

— Rain T. - Cordova, TN

“Friendly and extremely competent”

— Gene E. - Groveport, OH

“Rob was very helpful and even with the problems on our end was able to get it completed.”

— William C. - Hartford, KY

“I am so excited that I was invited to do a survey. Your representative Rob Croswait was exceptional. From the minute I spoke with Rob, I knew that I was in great hands, and he was someone that I entrusted with this process. He is knowledgeable and he represents NASB very well. Along with Rob's undeniable talent, he has a good rapport with people. I could have gone any company with this re-financing, but Rob gave me the peace of mine that he was the right man for the job. And boy was he right. I am 110% satisfied with my experience with NASB; and if I could write the president of the company to give him my feedback and my experience throughout this ordeal with Rob and his professionalism, I would. As a matter of fact, I just may do that. Thanks for your time in reading this survey, and I hope this information was helpful.”

— Tammie W. - Orlando, FL

“Our loan officer was always there for us and easy to deal with. He went to bat for us when we needed it and got it done.”

— Robert O. - Clay, MI

“We had a lot of trouble finding options for a mortgage when we started looking, but when we got into contact with Rob at NASB, he was quick to help us find great affordable options and got us into our new house painlessly. I would definitely recommend their services.”

— Damian H. - Lehi, UT

“Rob and his team (Thank You, Kym Myers!!) were great to work with! They got my VA loan closed in 22 days, which was fantastic. Plus, the closing costs were even lower than originally quoted. This is the third loan I've gotten through NASB, and I highly recommend them!!!”

— Melissa M. - Vista, CA

“Rob was absolutely great to work with. He made the process extremely easy and was beyond was a great experience.”

— Jamie H. - Gladstone, MO

“Rob was very helpful and very patient with me. He worked with me on getting the loan done as close to my original closing as we could after I switched to NASB after I had the loan process started. Rob and Kym were very helpful and great to work with. I highly recommend NASB and Rob!!”

— Sharon F. - Dalton, GA

“Your cover letter said 98% would recommend NASB to a friend make it 99% now. You all worked in a timely and professional way what else could a customer ask for outside a turkey dinner???”

— Amos L. - Myrtle Beach, SC

“We canvassed 5 lenders, NASB was first choice hands down - best rate, waived appraisal fee, no upfront escrow. This was completely to the credit & help of Rob Crosthwait (our loan officer). We can not say enough to express how impressed we were working w/ him. Rob made the process very simple, returned texts, calls anytime reached out w/ questions. Even after our close, Rob has stayed in touch. Not only would I recommend NASB, but I would also refer anyone directly to Rob Crosthwait personally!”

— Paul T. - Clarksville, VA

“Rob Crosthwait was exceptional from the very first phone call....all the way until closing...and after. Reassuring...supportive...always a text away and immediately responsive to any questions or needs I had. He was flexible to tailor the loan to meet my needs and give me different options. I honestly feel that it was a stroke of good luck that I Rob reached out to me through Lending Tree! He and NASB destroyed the terms of the loan I was being offered by other lenders.”

— Mark F. - Fresno, CA

“Rob helped us with not only initially buying our house but also with our cash refinance. Very knowledgeable, customer friendly, easy to talk to and even though there were some challenges he gave us all the options available and was very straight forward.”

— Darnell J. - Justin, TX

“Rob did a great job helping to close quickly on my first home.”

— Cole V. - Virginia Beach, VA

“Rob is the best at what he does.”

— Daniel C. - Overland Park, KS

“My loan officer was awesome would recommend him to anyone.”

— James B. - Tamarac, FL

“Rob is a very personable guy. The process is very efficient”

— James B. - Farmington, AR