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Hello! I am Brian Fischer

Loan Consultant | NMLS #1610629

Brian Fischer - NASB loan officer

My business is built on the foundation of transparency and attention to detail. With a background in financial planning I have a passion for helping people achieve their long term goals. In order to do so, I find joy in bridging relationships and maintaining them through the life of the loan. I see it as my job to make the lending process as efficient as possible for the borrower while also educating them on the nuances of their potential purchase. I look forward to earning your business, and more importantly, retaining your business!

About me

Education:Missouri State University

What people say

“Brian was a blessing for my wife and I. He was always accessible and guided us through the home buying process for our first home, answering all of our questions along the way. We closed on time and never had a doubt on the path forward. Thanks NASB for superb service and guidance in making this possible!”

— Ryan C.

“Brian is a true professional who knows his business. Not only did he attend to securing my mortgage, he helped me through my panic attacks during the process. I really appreciated that.”

— Carl O.

“Brain is a good friend of mine, and with his help the process of buying a home was made very simple. I would definitely suggest him to anyone that is thinking of purchasing a home.”

— Dominic T.

“Great job, great team, Brian knocked it out of park!”

— Joshua S.

“Brian was great to work with- he listened to what I needed to make this loan make sense.”

— Douglas R.

“I have already recommended Brian to a few people. He did an amazing job. He made our refinance very easy for us and was able to get us a great rate and cash out money for a home remodel. I spoke with a lot of different companies going through the process and Brian was the most helpful. There were no hidden fees or anything that we questioned. You are lucky to have Brian working for your organization.”

— Scott R.

“Brian was more than stellar during this entire transaction. Kept us informed step by step. Quickly resolved any and all questions we had during the process. I would definitely use their services again. Brian and NASB are my loan guys for life!”

— Bryan S.

“I have recommended everyone I know to call Brian at NASB. I cannot begin to thank Brian enough! My daughter calls him Brian Bond (James Bond) because of how he helped us tackle any issues with a calm attitude and positivity. We were in one sticky situation with a VERY TRICKY purchase (sellers issues) and through all of our obstacles he was amazing and SUPER knowledgeable. NASB is awesome and I am so very thankful to now have a mortgage with them. Brian is a true blessing! I will always refer everyone to NASB and gladly give Brian’s number to them with a smile. You made our dreams come true with a situation anyone else would have given up on Brian....I can never thank you enough!”

— Tara E.

“Brian made the process quick and easy. He is very professional and offered just the right amount of communication.”

— Lisa C.

“Everything went extremely well Brian was very helpful and made the process easy. He even came to my house because I am old school and prefer to to do business face to face. Thank You Brian”

— Terry G.

“Brian was a huge help, this was my first home purchase and he was able to answer any and all questions I had and he was quick and always a text or phone call away. I have already recommended Brian as a contact to my realtor. Thank you to Brian and all staff.”

— Merlin S.

“Brian Fischer was an excellent loan officer and was responsive whenever I had questions or needed him. He was knowledgeable with all types of loans and I would definitely recommend.”

— Mark C

“Brian was amazing! He worked with us very closely and gave us sound advice. I would highly recommend the NASB team to anyone interested in a home purchase.”

— Mitchell H.

“I was extremely happy about the whole loan process. Brian always got back with me in a timely manner, including weekends. All of my questions or concerns were always resolved immediately. The realtor was also extremely pleased and surprised with the loan officer professionalism. She stated that she will also recommend NASB to potential clients. I will use NASB for future home loans and will recommend them to others.”

— Tully D.

“Brian was an outstanding loan officer! The entire process could not have gone more smoothly. Brian was attentive, efficient, and always on top of the process. I would highly recommend NASB to anyone shopping for home loans, and Brian made the entire process an enjoyable experience.”

— George L.

“When I first mentioned to the realtor that I was using an out-of-state bank, I had difficulty convincing them that it was the best choice for me due to my specific circumstances. Brian was awesome from beginning to end. I have never received such individualized attention from any bank ever before. I cannot thank Brian enough for consistently going above and beyond in making sure my closing went well. All I can say is he is absolutely amazing. Thank you Brian!!”

— Aaron

“He always had our best interest at heart. He is a great listener and could steer us in the right direction.”

— Edward S.

“Brian was absolutely outstanding! After the initial documents were submitted, there was really nothing else to be done on my part. Extremely satisfied. Would definitely recommend NASB. Even closed a week early.”

— Charles R.

“Service was great. Brian and staff did an excellent job in keeping us updated. Completed on schedule. The time different had me trying to reach your staff before you got to work. please with fast response when i needed answers. Brian even made himself available after hours and weekend. Thanks again for great service. Great communication skills.”

— Billy B.

“Brian did an outstanding job! Hands down THE best loan officer yet!!!”

— Pete H.

“Never in a million years would I have thought dealing with the bank would be the easy part of a home buying transaction. Brian and Erin made the loan process seamless . Even our very experienced realtor said the this was one of the easiest and most responsive banks she has dealt with. I can't say enough about how happy we are with the entire transaction. Truly good down to earth people that make you feel as if they truly know you and your not just a number on their end of month bottom line.”

— John L.

“Brian was very friendly, helpful and courteous. He was also very thorough and helped guide us through the process painlessly. I would definitely recommend him and NASB!”

— John A.

“Brian and Chris were absolutely very professional and also friendly. It was an absolute pleasure to work with both of them. Thank you all very much.”

— Joseph G.

“Brian was extremely helpful and responsive every time I needed something. My realtor even said he was the best loan officer she had worked with.”

— Travis L.

“Very professional, very knowledgeable, when I had a lot of questions Brian helped me out as best as he could. If he didn't know the answer to a question I had, he resourced out to find the answer. Give him a promotion!”

— Justin M.

“Brian provided amazing service throughout the process. His consistent hard work and personal attention to every detail made the whole process very smooth. I will recommend Brian to everyone I know who needs a mortgage or refinance.”

— Grady C.

“Very smooth.”

— Don L.

“Although Brian Fischer was the first to call when I began shopping for a mortgage lender, I received his quote and then moved on to shop other lenders. Eventually, NASB was selected as our best choice, not necessarily because of better rates (these were bouncing around wildly), but mainly because of NASB's all-around customer service, and solid reputation among its customers. The "10" given above is a serious reflection of my feelings about NASB, Brian Fischer's very excellent assistance and advice, and the ease of the borrowing/mortgage process as a whole.”

— Mark B.

“Brian was very knowledgeable and friendly. He did not pressure us as many loan officers did. He was very professional.”

— Stoney W.

“I cannot say enough good things about the service provided to me from Brian Fischer, Carla Marrufo, and NASB. The entire process from start to finish was well organized. Brian and Carla did an excellent job communicating with me. They managed my expectations and stayed on top of all parties that were involved. I would strongly recommend their services and that of NASB to anyone looking for a loan!”

— Nicholas B.

“Brian was very creative and thorough. Kept us informed all the way through and guided us in each step of the process. If we were Olympic judges we would give Brian and NASB a 10.”

— Richard W.

“Brian Fischer has done an excellent job for us from start of the loan process to the finish. Seldom you meet a loan officer like Brian who is customer focused and honest. Thank you again”

— Reuben L.

“Brian was very helpful in our refinance process. Thanks for making the process painless.”

— Pamela S.

“Brian was amazing! He spent the time with you to answer all questions. He was always available to take calls or got right back to you.”

— Randall F.

“Brian was great to work with. He stayed on top of each situation and communicated in a timely manner. He made the loan process almost painless.”

— Albert W.

“Brian Fischer and his team are great mortgage professionals! They worked very hard and long hours to get me a loan. I will be forever grateful and thankful to them for making my dream of owning a home in California come true. Give Brian at NASB a call, you don't want to work with anyone else!”

— Supreet K.

“Brian was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire loan process and delivered on everything we asked of him. Not only would I recommend NASB, I would tell my friends or relatives to call Brian Fischer specifically. He’s a straight shooting stand-up individual and our experience working with him was great.”

— Mark T.

“Kindness, compassion and consistent services were not what I expected from such an organization. Great customer service and knowledge is what Brian provided and that is something that the entire world is missing. In a world filled with darkness and entitlement, to have such an entity actually listen and work with their client, was a breath of fresh air.”

— Linda D.

“Brian was a blessing for my wife and I. He was always accessible and guided us through the home buying process for our first home, answering all of our questions along the way. We closed on time and never had a doubt on the path forward. Thanks, NASB for superb service and guidance in making this possible!”

— Ryan C.

“Going through the VA loan process previously was one great big pain. Constant rejections and requests for new credit reports were anything but pleasurable. Fortunately, Mr. Fischer guided us through the process very well. We were put on notice what to have prepared before the appraisal and beyond. Overall, everything went according to plan. With Mr. Fischer's help, we got through everything without a hitch. He always answered our questions and phone messages. We couldn't have done as well as we did without his assistance. Great job!”

— William V.

“Our transaction went so well. NASB (Brian) worked so well with us and helped us every bit of the way. I would say they bent over backwards to make this transaction work.”

— Julie C.

“Easy, informative, great rates!”

— John L.

“Exceptional service and professionalism all around. I will definitely recommend to family and friends.”

— Steven M.

“Brian was extremely helpful in the entire process. He answered all my questions, kept me informed of every step in the process and was completely straight about what to expect. He was also very pleasant to work with AND he has a wiener dog, just like I do!!”

— Marlene R.

“This was an amazing experience. Brian and his entire team made this dream possible.”

— Kevin H.

“Brian did a fantastic job with our refinance. He took the time necessary to answer any and all questions that we had. He’s also very encouraging about asking questions and answers questions completely. He even took the time to answer a few questions we had after office hours. So thank you for that Brian. This is our second loan with Brian and, if we ever had to get another mortgage or refi, we would absolutely use NASB and Brian again. The first time I talked to Brian he said, just give us a chance to you we’re better and different than the other banks. He proved to us that NASB is better and is different. Thanks Brian!”

— Mark T.

“Having already purchased and moved into on our new house in late May (via an NASB VA mortgage product), and now having closed this past week on our former home (financed under a short-term NASB “bridge loan” product), my family and I are finally able to slow down a bit and begin to relax and enjoy our fabulous new home and neighborhood! Getting to this point, however, was challenging to say the least; and, it was not until I finally had the sense to reach out to NASB that a sound, financially prudent solution to which we could readily agree was offered up to us. (Up to this point I had been working with no less than three lenders in an effort to get something in close alignment with our financial parameters and our broader near- and longer-term goals.) In a nutshell: There is no way we would be where we are now without NASB and Brian Fischer! As a professional for well over two decades now (accounting and law), who has bought, sold, and refinanced numerous homes, in multiple states, throughout this time, I can make two statements with total confidence and without any reservation. 1. From this point forward, for a number of cogent reasons, I will always look to NASB first with any mortgage and/or major financing needs; and 2. Brian Fischer is a tremendous asset to NASB and, in my experience, he is among the very best, if not THE best, lending/mortgage professional with whom I have ever worked. From our initial phone call to our last correspondence (which, by the way, was a hand-written “thank-you” letter to us from Brian!), Brian’s level of technical acumen, professionalism, and personable nature stood out to me as unparalleled. These, coupled with a manifest commitment to understanding our unique situation, needs, concerns, and goals, resulted in his proposing a tailored, multi-phase solution that, as expected, and as it has turned out, was/is nothing short of optimal for us. Furthermore, upon receiving our agreement to proceed, Brian’s follow through, from start to finish, was executed with remarkable assiduousness and expertise.”

— Richard R.

“Brian was outstanding during my refinance needs, He asked me what my goal was at the beginning of the loan process. He then discussed all of my options and he delivered on those results. It was a pleasure to work with Brian he assisted me thru the entire process even after closing on the loan. Brian made the loan process very easy with his knowledge and answered any question I had immediately. If now is the time to refinance your property I highly recommend Brian and his team for your refinance needs!!!”

— James L.

“Brian is a top-notch LO. Committed from day one to make sure I got the greatest service. Definitely a true PRO.”

— Ouadi B.

“Brian Fischer was our loan manager & explained everything to us along the way. Every stage of our new Veteran loan mortgage came more questions from us & Brian was available to answer those questions. We are happy to say we have closed our loan & look forward to a relationship with NASB.”

— Donald J.

“Brian was tremendously helpful and patient with us during this entire process. His insight was very much appreciated.”

— Josue C.

“My experience was the best I have ever had with any financial institution. My questions and concerns were always answered within a reasonable time period including weekends. Everyone in the office was very friendly and assisted me immediately. I will be using Brian and NASB for future needs. I have no doubt that I will recommend NASB.”

— Tully D.

“Brian was very good at returning texts, emails or phone calls. Usually within an hour or two! He kept me up to date with the steps of the process. Thanks for making this refinancing a breeze!”

— Jerry R.

“Brian is awesome!”

— Tyler C.

“Brian was very easy to work with on both purchase and refinance processes. Very professional and efficient.”

— Albert W.

“I was shown NASB by Lending Tree and I could see that the % rates were excellent. Brian was the loan officer I worked with both online and on the phone He was extremely helpful and always available for questions.”

— Robert G.