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Mortgage Customer Service

We appreciate you using NASB for your mortgage needs. These pages can help with your home loan and answer any questions you may have.

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  • Make a loan payment.
  • View your loan balance and account information.
  • Automate your mortgage payments and much more.
  • Make a secure payment from a non-NASB account.
  • Transfer a payment from a NASB checking or savings account via Online Banking.
  • Where to mail your loan payment.
  • Make your loan payment automatically from your bank account.
  • Easy application process.
  • Make a loan payment.
  • View your loan balance and account information.
  • Different assistance options.
  • Steps to follow to receive assistance.
  • People and companies to avoid in this situation.
  • You've closed on your loan but still have questions. We have answers.
  • Find out what's next and what you need to know.
  • Easy-to-understand answers with additional content links.
  • Loan payoff request form.
  • Address change request form.
  • Automatic payment request form and much more.
James B.
I had a terrible experience with another lender not being forthcoming about fees and aspects of the home buying process (I was a first time home buyer). I needed a way to avoid getting burned financially and at 18 days away from closing I was hesitant to switch. I started looking around online. Lending tree put me in touch with Todd Kangas at North American Savings Bank. Not only was he able to drop my interest rate by almost a full percentage (the best out of over 30+ lenders), but he and his team were able to close within 18 days... in the middle of a pandemic... with a federal holiday wrapped into the mix. Todd was extremely professional and tackled every challenge with expertise and transparency. If you value honesty, ability, and your hard earned dollars, trust Todd Kangas to handle the financing of your 15-30 year quarter of a million dollar commitment.