Mortgage Loans and the VA: How Do VA Loans Work?

VA Loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Veterans who are eligible for a VA loan receive specific guidelines and low interest rates to help you purchase or refinance a home. Veterans and surviving spouses (who haven’t remarried) are eligible for VA home mortgage loans. To qualify for a VA loan, certain criteria - credit score, length of military service, applications, etc. - need to be met before financing can be made available. Contact one of our skilled loan consultants today to begin discussing your VA loan eligibility.

VA Loan Application – What Paperwork Can I Expect?

The first step is working with your NASB Loan Consultant so that we can learn more about your goals and situation. We will then help you to complete a mortgage application which is required to apply for a loan. Once the application has been complete your loan consultant will begin pre-qualifying you by verifying your credit scores and history, and ensuring your income is sufficient to meet your liabilities and the mortgage you're looking to take out. Assuming you’re able to be pre-qualified then your loan consultant will outline any necessary documentation, we will need to verify the information you provided on the mortgage application.


You will need the following paperwork to apply:

  •    Your W2 statements for the past two years. This information is needed to confirm your personal income.
  •    Two previous pay stubs to demonstrate a reliable income source.
  •    Documents related to your other assets (checking accounts, financial investments, retirements savings)
  •    The last 2 years of your Federal Tax Returns

Certificate of Eligibility

You will need to present a certificate of eligibility to the lender before moving forward. We are a leading national mortgage lender and are available to assist you on your financial journey to home ownership. You can obtain your certificate of eligibility directly from the VA. As an approved direct VA lender, we can help you get your COE through our simple loan process. Click here to begin that process.

Get Your Personalized Rate Quote and Learn How VA Loans Work

To receive a personalized rate quote, or to get pre-qualified, fill out the form to the right, and a loan officer will be in contact with you. NASB loan officers are VA loan experts. 

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