The Midwest Housing Marking Offers Affordability and Security

May 01, 2017 | by North American Savings Bank

 The Millennial Midwest (Spring 2017) millenial midwest housing 2017

Home to comfort food, superb schooling and arguably some of the nation’s best largest cities, the Midwest is a fine place to settle down and plant your roots. In the past year, Minnesota and Michigan have shown decent growth in terms of the housing market between 6 and 9%. South Dakota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Nebraska, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Iowa all grew around 3-6%.

It’s no secret that you can often get more home for your money here, which is ultimately attracting millennials to the region, particularly in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This trend is expected to continue, especially as we enter the hottest months for home buying.

Spring is no stranger to the largest volume of newly-listed homes, which holds true in middle U.S. This means there’s more competition, but also faster sales. While waiting until closer to the end of summer can sometimes offer a bargain, you may miss out on the current, broader selection of homes.

Prices are on the rise, and interest rates could go up at any moment – there’s no time to waste! Whether you are thinking of buying or refinancing, our friendly and expert loan officers are available to help!

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